For many of us,
this year was like a shotgun blast to the chest.

Young lives came to an abrupt end. Relationships we’d fought long and hard for had reached their boiling points. Jobs we’d broken our backs for showed little gratitude for our efforts. While others were posting Instagram photos of their perfect relationships, delicious food, and posh lifestyle, our income trudged miserably towards debt.


I like ending blogs with a quote. Something that neatly ties together all the sporadic musings I’ve pedantically scribbled across my digital notepad.

But sometimes I’ll find a passage—a cluster of calculated paragraphs that simply cannot be condensed into a cute, bite-sized “Tumblr quote.” Its words so precise, so potent, so packed with meaning, that to add any additional commentary would only pollute its author’s intent.

Five years ago, I stumbled upon one such passage. Its words marked the first day of the rest of my life…

Designed by Brother Teresa

Designed by Brother Teresa

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Anyone can look good #winning. When everything’s going your way, it’s easy to stand gracefully and beam with exuberance.

But to care for others when your heart’s been crushed, to trust when confidence is betrayed, to remain buoyant in a sea of despair, to smile when days feel mind-numbingly repetitious..

to fail with consequence,
to lose with eloquence;

This requires a special kind of Soul—
a Love unbound by circumstance,
a Hope outside this world.



I love your reblogs—all the cute illustrations, vintage photography, and hilarious gifs.. but what can you do?

I’m sure you’ve got some original artwork, entertaining stories, and provocative thoughts buried in that beautiful mind of yours. Let it all out.


This is my friend Nina Hans. We make art together.

Most people think I love hanging with her because she’s a Jew with nice legs. And while this may be true, the primary reason I enjoy Nina’s company is because she’s better than me. 

Not a better designer, writer, or even a half-competent carnivore by any stretch of the imagination; but a better worker—i.e. Nina knows how to get sh*t done.

When Art is done right, few words are necessary. 

A Jester's Gesture

  • B: Yo dawg, you wanna grab lunch?
  • P: I'm broke.
  • B: Don't worry, I'll spot you.
  • P: Nah, it's cool.
  • B: What! Do you hate FREE food or something?
  • P: It's not that, I just don't like feeling like I owe anyone.
  • B: Who said you'd owe me? Consider it a gift – from my heart to your stomach.
  • P: I think I'll pass, man.
  • B: C'mon, think about it—when you do people favors, do you consider it a huge inconvenience OR do you actually enjoy doing it?
  • P: I enjoy it.
  • B: Well, there you go!
  • P: Hmmm..
  • B: Look, I know you have my interest in mind, but sometimes it's good to be a LITTLE selfish. Constantly turning down kind gestures doesn't prove you're self-relient or "strong," it just means you're stubborn and prideful. So PLEASE, for the love of God, just let me buy you lunch! Allow me the honor to "suffer" on your behalf—it's all love, homie.
  • P: Jeez, okay. Let's get lunch.
  • B: Cool! You mind driving? I don't have a car.
  • P: -_______-
Designed by Brother Teresa

Designed by Brother Teresa

Do not be fooled by the innocent look on his face, this pup most certainly belongs to the House of Slytherin. Even when the lights and cameras aren’t rolling, there’s still plenty of action with this lil’ monster—socks are scattered about, muddy paw prints riddle the kitchen floor, and trash bags are filled to the brim with paper towels.

When it comes to opening our homes our personal space to new love interests, new roommates, and newborns, it is important to remember that not everyone will be as ‘considerate’ as us. Not everyone will appreciate (or notice) the little sacrifices we make on a daily basis—and vice versa.

Therefore, be patient and learn to understand each other’s nuances. The art of adaptation has never been a single act, but a long devotional process. So forgive like a full-time parent and love like a baby pup. 

Designed by Brother Teresa

Designed by Brother Teresa

It is the creative mind
i.e. the writer, the speaker, the designer, the artist, the photographer, the director, the musician, the storyteller — that influence what gets HEARD and what gets IGNORED.

25 Random Facts

My prized “material” possessions include a collection of over 500 books, 300 dvds, an iMac, a DSLR camera, and a cereal bowl. I only get upset when people touch my cereal bowl.

I have a “man-crush” on Hugh Jackman. If he had Ray Lamontagne’s voice I’d probably be gay.

I once fought a swarm of bees for over an hour. when I was done, I had no shirt, a swollen lip, and a cut on my hand. Turns out when you spray bees with water, they don’t die; they just get really, really pissed.

You ever stop & wonder how many times you crossed paths with someone before finally meeting them face-to-face? 

While I’ve never been one to label coincidence as “fate,” I can’t help but be intrigued with this notion that certain people were meant to be part of our lives. Some brought for us to Love; and others, to help us Learn — a Divine Serendipity.

'Nobody's perfect,' is not an excuse to be stupid.